Sunday, March 3, 2013

Game Changer !

I have had digestive issues since birth and It was not till a couple of years ago everything started to make sense. I had seen a cranial sacral therapist and on that very first appointment my Doctor told me that I needed to get control of my Gut and go gluten free to get rid of my inflammation. That night when I went home to cook dinner I was in a tail spin cause I was use to cooking gourmet and cooked everything and now I felt so limited. It seems that everything has gluten in it and I had to navigate restaurant menus for gluten free. I started to eat food as close to the source as possible and staying away from processed packaged foods. I began to eat gluten free grains like quinoa and millet. I started to soak my grains to make them more digestible by breaking down the Phytic acid. Phytic acid not only grabs on to or chelates important minerals, but also inhibits enzymes that we need to digest our food. The more and more I began to look at food I began to see it as medicine and started to understand how it influenced the body and caused inflammation. I had a pyridine shift from eating processed food to eating whole organic foods. The change started to pay off my doctor that told me that I had TMJ and said that I needed a bite splint from day one said that I no longer needed one cause she could see change from my diet after about 7-8 months later and she was surprised just how much my diet influenced what was going on in my body. When I had first went to my doctor my skull did not move at all because it was that locked up. I had gone to get my hair done before and the hairdresser commented and said I have never had anyone that there scull did not move and I told her that was my beauty secret to how managed to look at least 10  years younger. My doctor was seeing all kinds of progress from head to toe, I had Sciatica really bad where you have lightning shooting down your leg, well I kept my weekly appointment and my body started to line up and a lot of issues I had just faded away. I had been to a back specialist a couple of years prior and he wanted to put a morphine drip in my back and I was not game for that, he then suggested that I have three steroid shots in my low back, Sorry to say but I had one out of three and woke up in time to say no to the other two shots, He also recommended that I take muscle relaxers and Amitriptyline I told him that I did not want any more drugs and he wrote me a script on my way out the door that I never filled it. Over the past couple of years I have taken a holistic approach changed my diet and surrounded myself with wonderful like minded people to help me on my journey to wellness. I only buy grass-fed beef and hormone antibiotic free meat and chicken and pork. Organic produce, I concentrate on a clean diet. It is 17 months later and I am completely drug free and I can see how much my health has improved on my journey to being well, I believe that someday I will get there.